99.3 County FM Radio Play Series 2018 Opens With Famous County Tale


99.3 County FM Radio Play Series 2018 Opens With Famous County Tale

The County is steeped in traditional folklore passed down through generations.  The tale of the Outlet River Gold has been documented by several renowned County historians, folklorists and writers  over many decades, and is brought to life via the radio play made possible by the generous funding of the Parrott foundation and The Government of Canada.

“The Tale of the Outlet River Gold” will be performed and recorded live on February 26, 2018 at The Bloomfield Town Hall at 2:00. p.m. and in Consecon at the Legion February 27th.

The radio play was written by husband and wife team Robert Griffin and Joanne Cullen.  Cullen has been one of the 99.3 County FM radio actors from the 2017 series performed in October and November. This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program.

“My husband started to write this play when he was inspired by the local folklore legend about gold that was sunk in the Outlet River near Sandbanks in the 1700’s.” says Cullen. “The radio play series Producer Suzanne Pasternak suggested that Robert and I should develop it into a radio play for 99.3 County FM, and so we did!”

The play tells the epic tale of the war between the British and the French in early Canada with a county twist.  A treasure hunt for lost gold thrown overboard into the Outlet River, a scandalous romance and a big surprise twist the end of the tale will delight the audience.

“Director Bill McMahon and I have further adapted the script for stage and it really is fun”, says Producer Pasternak. “When you hear this story you think “Wow! This is wild! This really happened?”   Truth is always stranger than fiction.

See for yourself at 2:00 pm at the Bloomfield Town Hall Monday, February 26th at the Consecon Legion Tuesday, February 27th.

“The Tale of the Outlet River Gold”  only in the County.


For more information phone Suzanne Pasternak 613 847-9842

99.3 County FM Editorial Neutrality and Balanced Coverage

99.3 County FM recognizes the diversity of views  held within the county.  Therefore, the station maintains a policy of strict editorial neutrality and balanced coverage. This  means that 99.3 County FM does not take sides on issues confronting the community while balance means that our overall coverage will provide balanced exposure to different sides of an argument (without implying that each time a controversial topic is covered, the format will include representatives from all sides.)  Our aim is to let our listeners hear all points of view.  If you have a point of view which you feel is not being heard, email opinion@993countyfm.ca.

99.3 FM Set to Create Radio Plays For and By Seniors

99.3 County FM “The Voice of the County” will produce four radio plays written and performed by seniors for seniors, made possible by a federal grant from New Horizons for Seniors announced by Federal MP for Bay of Quinte, Neil Ellis. The new series will be called ‘It Happened in the County’.


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