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Ras Bingi New Year’s Day Top 99 Countdown

Broadcast Friday Jan 1 from Noon to 6:00pm What a better way to spend New Year’s Day than enjoying the top 99 songs of 2020. A year when musicians have gone above and beyond to […]

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Our CountyFM team offer you all of your Covid 19 information in one easy location:
Health Canada. PEC Municipal Government. Public Health Ontario. Hastings Prince Edward Public Health Unit. The new PEC COVID-19 help line. Posting of businesses that are open. Direct links to WHO info. Volunteer delivery of essentials, transportation, help for seniors, pets, babies, and much more. […]

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County Heirlooms book sales

Food to Share County Heirlooms Book Sales Want to triple down on supporting the County? Here’s how: if you buy a copy of ‘County Heirlooms’ from a local retailer, you are also supporting a second […]