In Case of Emergency

99.3 County FM, as an essential service to Prince Edward County, is constantly working to improve upon our ability to serve the residents and visitors of PEC. As part of our development we have received a contribution from the Community Radio Fund of Canada (CRFC) that allow us to further improve our ability to prepare and respond to public safety issues.

This year we are developing an Emergency Handbook, training volunteers, coordinating our efforts with emergency services in PEC, and acquiring the tools we need to further improve our broadcast capabilities in the event of an emergency.

When emergencies and disasters strike, Radio has a strong and specific role to play. We keep the community up to date with current events and advice. We deliver both practical steps to help each other and do our best to help reduce the impact of whatever confronts us.

As part of this process we offer a survey designed to bring issues top of mind.

Thank you for your participation.

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Here are some resources we highly recommend for additional information to keep you safe. Please visit these sites to learn more and bookmark for quick access: